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Who We Are

Attorney Virginia Vile Tehrani opened Tehrani Law, LLC, on January 1, 2023, to fill a need in the legal market for something and someone different in the field of traffic accident injury law.

Mrs. Tehrani saw a need for a focused, modern approach to accident injury law and to meeting victims’ current needs. She is not just another attorney in a suit and tie, and you will never see her on a billboard or on the side of a bus. Instead, Virginia is relatable and approachable; she is someone like you. Virginia not only represents her clients, but she also understands them.

Why We Exist

Mrs. Tehrani has had extensive medical issues and treatment that are similar to that of her clients. She has had surgeries, steroid injections, numerous diagnostic tests, and extensive physical therapy. She has been to dozens of doctors, consulted multiple specialists, and dealt with daily pain and permanent scarring. Virginia is not ashamed of these injuries or her treatment. Like you, she is a survivor.

Virginia has turned her own experiences and unique perspective into something great by combining her own story with her legal experience, knowledge, and training to help victims of traffic accidents in Maryland and Northern Virginia. She passionately advocates for victims, because she understands them on a deeper level. She can speak their language, because she intimately knows and has experienced the symptoms of neck, back, arm, and nerve injuries such as disc bulges and herniations, pinched nerves, spondylosis, disc narrowing, cervicalgia, and radiculopathy.

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What We Do

So when Virginia talks with insurance adjusters and addresses the courts, she advocates for her clients in a more passionate, relatable way. She fights for justice for her clients through experience and understanding, where her words are not merely a factual or legal argument – they are a deep-seated truth of a client’s need for help and compensation for the injuries they have through no fault of their own.

Virginia speaks for you.

Because you never need a lawyer ’til you do.

How We Do What We Do

Our office takes a modern approach to your practical and legal needs. We are up-to-date on all virtual platforms and can communicate with our clients by telephone, email, video-conferencing, and text. We have a safe, secure, and web-based client portal for each client, and we can send and sign documents electronically. We also provide education through videos, blogs, Tweets, FaceBook, TikTok videos, YouTube, and podcasts.