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No one plans to be in a traffic accident. You did not wake up today knowing or hoping you would be hit and injured by someone else through no fault of your own. But it happened, you have been injured, and now you have to figure out what to do.

This is where Tehrani Law, LLC, steps in,

because you never need a lawyer ’til you do.

We have compassion for you. We understand you. And we know how to handle the daily pressures of the insurance companies, the medical providers, and the legal system. We give honest advice and help our clients to be courageous in the face of adversity, pain, and fear. We work together with our clients to get results from the insurance companies and the courts.

We turn victims into survivors.

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Virginia Tehrani

Virginia Vile Tehrani is the owner and Traffic Accident Injury Attorney for the firm. As the owner and manager, she leads by example, creating a dynamic culture for her team and a caring, comfortable, safe environment for her clients.

Virginia uses her 17 years of experience as a trial attorney and a victim advocate to fight for her clients against the insurance companies and the legal system.

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Why Choose

Tehrani Law

Tehrani Law, LLC, was established to meet the growing needs of clients for a relatable, approachable team that has adapted to the modern, virtual, and technology-based world.

Here’s how we are different:

We Focus Only on Traffic Accidents

We focus and specialize only on traffic accident injury law so that we can be the best in our field.

Our Office Is Also Virtual

We have virtualized our office for the ease, comfort, and advantage of our clients. In addition to our physical office in Gaithersburg, Maryland, we have created a full virtual-based experience for our clients. We understand that our clients lead busy lives and have full work schedules while they are also trying to get medical care, so we provide telephone, video, email, and text consultations. We have individual, secure, and confidential web-based client portals to share communications, photographs, and documents. We also offer free electronic document signing.

We Provide Educational Resources

We provide educational resources for our clients, law students, new attorneys, and anyone interested in the practice of law. We have a YouTube channel, blogs, and several podcasts that have new video and audio content weekly, and even daily, that address specific questions our clients have about their cases, traffic accidents, and the legal system. We also describe our office procedures, insurance company protocols, and court processes through these resources. Overall, we provide a full, free, comprehensive, virtual learning platform for everyone.

We Post on Social Media

We post on social media, because we want to meet our clients where they are and be part of the modern approach to engaging with our community and our clients. We try to make our posts fun, funny, interesting, informative, and interactive.

We Engage with Our Local Community

Mrs. Tehrani lives and works in Gaithersburg, Maryland, where her step-son attends school at Quince Orchard High School. She is an active member of the Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce (GGCC) and the Isaac Walton League, the Professional Networking Alliance (PNA), and she attends McLean Bible Church.

FREE Case Evaluation

Our team at Tehrani Law, LLC, is happy to provide a free, honest, and confidential evaluation of your traffic accident claim. You can submit information about your claim here, or you can call us at (301) 322-8155 to speak with a member of our team.



Areas of Service

Tehrani Law, LLC, represents victims of traffic accidents in Maryland and Northern Virginia. She has represented clients in courts from Ocean City to Virginia Beach. Because Mrs. Tehrani lives and works in Gaithersburg, Maryland, it makes the most sense for her and her clients to focus on jurisdictions that are close to her. Therefore, Mrs. Tehrani mostly practices in Montgomery County, and Prince George’s County, Maryland, and in Northern Virginia.


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